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Wayne McEvilly

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2012 Night

Music Of The Night With Pianist Wayne McEvilly

Pianist Wayne McEvilly in a program entitled "MUSIC OF THE NIGHT" performances and stories of music reflecting composers enchantment through the ages of the magic and romance of night including: Mozart - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata" Chopin's own night music - the "Nocturnes" the story of Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night" music video with Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata "Music of The Night" from Phantom of the Opera and of course Mozart's Variations on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". A wonderful program for the entire family. McEvilly can bring his own keyboard where the library has no piano.

One hour or the length of preference of the library

A program for all ages


Oklahoma statewide

Dana Morrow MLS Outreach 405-606-3833; Joan Singleton Bartlesville Library 918-338-4163

2011 World Cultures and Travel

Experience the World of Mozart

An introduction to the lives and music of Mozart, Bach ,Beethoven, Chopin.Program includes piano performances and stories. Interactive dialogue is encouraged from audience members. (Wayne brings his own keyboard.)

One Hour

All Ages also just for children

$350 + $0.55 pr. mile travel

Oklahoma Statewide

Joan Singleton 918-338-4161 Dana Morrow 405-606-3833

2009 Music and the Arts

Piano Masterworks for Children

Pianist Wayne McEvilly provides an up close and personal experience of the music and lives of Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, and a history of the piano. During his performance he empowers the children to recognize their own ability to be natural musicians by listening. He emphasizes how listening to the music of Mozart or Bach can improve their concentration for reading, studying, and creative work. The children are invited to send their artistic impressions to Wayne after the program.
Music includes “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variations” and “Turkish March” by Mozart.
Wayne’s 5 CD recording of all the Mozart Sonatas are in thousands of public school classrooms nationwide. He is presently offering a gift set to Oklahoma Libraries who wish to add it to their collection. This program is a variation of his “Mozart Goes To School” program originally established in 1974.

30-50 minutes, depending on age group.

All ages. Adult supervision requested.

$350 plus travel.


References and press on request.